Making the Best First Impression – Professional Photography In Atlanta

As an Atlanta-based professional photography business, we understand how important it is to get the right image to make your best first impression.

Here are some of our top tips for getting the right shot for your next professional presentation.


It’s important to think about what your best side is. People can be self-conscious of the way they look. Professional photographers are used to hearing this, so don’t feel embarrassed to tell them, for example, that one side looks better than the other. In this case, the photographer can angle you so that you show off your best side.


For a professional photoshoot, both smiling with or without your teeth works. It’s best that you are comfortable in your look. A forced smile can come across as awkward and not genuine. Interestingly there is a hack to smiling in front of a camera: Think of someone or something that makes you laugh or smile. This will create a natural and effortless smile on your face.

What to Wear.

This is a professional photoshoot. If you are a business owner, professional attire is likely the most appropriate. If you are a sports personality, a more sporty look might be right. The key here is to remain appropriate to the impression you want to project. It’s also very important to be comfortable and confident in what you wear to your photoshoot.


Confidence is attractive, so closed-off or hunching body language is out. Standing up straight, in an open posture, is crucial. No crossing of arms or hands in pockets; think about how you would stand when you are making your first TED talk.

It’s About You.

Remember, this is your photoshoot, so make sure you get what you want. This is your opportunity to paint your picture and show it to the world. Work with the photographer to get the best angle and shot. Take your time with it and enjoy the experience.

We would love to hear what you think would make your next professional photoshoot exceptional. Let us know what you think on any of our social media channels. We would love to connect with you there!

At Next LVL Photography, we are here to help you bring your brand, your business, and yourself to the next LVL.

Our goal is to help all our clients elevate themselves through the portraits we create for them, and see themselves in a whole new way.

If you are based in Atlanta and want to make a difference with your next first impression, get in touch here: https://nextlvlphotography.com/

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